The Pitch-Black

Hey it’s Sis,

So, I went to a school to help out with a thing and me and my friends were walking to a room. Then the doors all around us closed. we quickly ran out of the area. Then the whole school went pitch black. So we all went into the same room and waited for domino’s pizza, us girls sat on the coach and the boys were “going on strike” (they were hungry so they had a strike with domino’s pizza). Then after the we ate the pizza, we all decided it would be fun to play hide-and-go-seek around the pitch black school. Me and my group of friends decided we were going to go to the middle of the school (where the bathrooms are). When we were walking down the hallway we heard a beeping sound. It wasn’t there before so we ran to the teachers and told them. They said they would go check it out once they are done eating pizza. So we went back to our hiding place. We decided to hide in the boys bathroom scene the boys were already in the girls bathroom.  So we ran into one stall. My friend wanted to go say something to the boys so did my other friend so they told me they would be back. I let them go and they quickly ran back to me. I asked them if everything was ok. They explained to me that they saw a man walking around. So I told them that I was going to the teacher to tell them so we went in to the teachers room and they got up and started going around the school. We followed. Soon we felt nothing was wrong so we went into the cafe. Then, a hour later we saw that same man walk into the cafe. My teacher went up to him to talk to him. Then after they were done talking I asked her if the power was going to go on she said she didn’t know. One of the other teachers asked if that guy was the electrical guy she said he wasn’t he was just asking why the power was out. That was what happened thanks for reading,

Sis out


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